The Big Wide Mouthed Frog {Homeschool}

One of Miss Faith's "wants" this year has been to plan an activity for little kids, like crafts and storytime, but it's sometimes hard to find a large mass of little kids to do this with.  We don't live near family, so no cousins; our neighbors are mostly single couples, so no little kids running about the neighborhood, and her brother is 8 and not interested in participating in one of her plans.

Her wish has finally come true!  She decided to ask at our homeschool group if she could do something like this, and the mom in charge was more than happy to let her try it out!  It gives us the option of doing a more complicated activity with the bigger kids since there are quite a few little siblings that tag along to the group.

This week, she decided to read The Big Wide Mouthed Frog to the little kids' group and make frog puppets with them.  We did some internet research to find a good frog puppet to make with them and finally decided on these paper bag puppets from ABCTeach.

Needless to say, it went over quite well!  The little kids loved their craft, Faith loved getting to lead it, and the moms loved letting her do it.  It was an awesome way to let one of the big kids interact with the little ones, and, since Faith wants to teach kindergarten someday, she enjoyed the practice. She'll be doing her next one in a couple of weeks and probably every few weeks going through the year.