Homeschool Halloween Craftiness {Homeschool}

On Thursdays, F&B and I typically head to homeschool group on base.  It's a couple of hours, usually some arts/crafts time, some organized gym time and some free play.  Since the group divides by age, Faith has also been helping out with the younger group, doing a story and craft time with them.

This week, of course, was all about Halloween.

Faith read Say Boo to the little kids and made paper bag pumpkins with them.  She used basic brown lunch bags and the kids drew faces on the lower 2/3 of the bag.  We crumpled up packing paper (trust me, we have tons of that right now) to stuff in the bag, then tied a bit of yarn around the top to make a little stem.

The bigger kids made painted milk jug tea light holders, that my friend found in an old craft magazine.  They painted the jugs with acrylic paints, then cut details out of construction paper and attached with tacky glue.  Once dry, the adults cut a chunk out of the back with an X-acto knife and we tucked in a candle.  Faith and I made the pumpkin on the left and Mr. Ben had to make a zombie.  We do like our zombies.