So, What's New?

I was quite proud of myself. Somehow, I was managing blogging and working and homeschooling F&B and no areas were slacking (well, they were, but not that bad).  So what should someone do when they just finally have a handle on life?  Why move, of course!

The husband got a promotion at work and we had kind of had it with living in our very old, on-post house, so we started looking about and found the adorable house above, just a few minutes away.  He's just as close as he always was (just in a slightly different direction) and it's on the same side of the post as my work, our church, and the kids' charter school.

Tell me that front porch isn't adorable!  I am all set to decorate for Halloween!  And those two upstairs windows?  Those are our room and Faith's room, and both those windows are window seats.  The yard is nice and big and grassy, so Dante-dog has lots of room to run around, and one of Ben's good friends lives just a few blocks over.

Moving day is Friday, so we'll be quite happy to get that over and done with!