Surfacing from Our Move

We're still alive, but now I remember why I hate moving.  And have decided that we are staying put until the Army decides to move us again.

However, want a few sneak peeks of the house?

Faith's room is substantially bigger (her old one was the size of a closet), which let us set up her bed with both her nightstand bookshelves next to it, make a reading corner, and still have room to walk!  Dante approves.

The breakfast room is set up a bit differently, but our booth table still works and we have enough space to tuck Dante's crate behind it and not have to see it standing in the middle of our living room!

We have a big kitchen again.  I am thrilled with the counterspace, especially the open bar area.  Not for eating, but it will make cooking and baking much easier.

And everyone's favorite spot in the house, the gas injected fireplace, controlled by a light switch!