VeggieTales - Merry Larry & the True Light of Christmas

Even though F&B are getting older, we *still* love VeggieTales!  Of course, we had to jump at the chance to receive a review copy of the new VeggieTales Christmas movies, Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.

In this episode, Larry works at the mall as the head elf during Christmas season.  While hearing requests from the children, one little girl requests a new house for her neighbor, who lost her house in a fire.  Larry to the rescue!

In true Larry fashion, his good intentions cause a bit of chaos.  He borrows all the Christmas lights from the mall, leaving Bob the Tomato (the mall manager) with no lights and no elf, just before Christmas.

Will Larry save the day and help the little girl get her wish of a new house for her neighbor? Will Bob learn the true meaning of Christmas?  It's all there, and includes Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson as a new Veggie Tales character, Silas the Okra!

Want some more Merry Larry Veggie Tales fun?  Check out these cute ornaments to make with your kids.  We made a set for us too.  Click the image below for the PDF file of the ornaments.

F&B loved the episode, we'd highly recommend it! Planning to buy it for your kids too? We've got a $3 off coupon for you.  Just click the PDF below to get the file and print!