And Eight More Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas

While looking for one of last year's Elf on the Shelf posts for a friend, I discovered I never blogged our final 8 Elf on the Shelf ideas. We didn't just leave David the Elf hanging after December 16th. He had quite a few more adventures!  (For a quick reference, the first 8 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas, and 8 More Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas, from last Christmas.)

David the Elf played hide and seek in our Christmas tree, but didn't realize that he had to hide himself, not hide his eyes!

One morning, we woke up and discovered David had gone dragon wrangling overnight, and tamed three different dragons!

Another game of hide and seek with David the Elf, he tried to see how well clean Army laundry acts as camouflage.

David went fishing for Alpha the Betta fish.  Alpha was not highly impressed.  (Alpha has since gone on to the big fishbowl in the sky.  He was succeeded by the very short lived Gamma the Betta fish, and now lives on through Delta the Betta fish.)

David loved the Christmas cookies, especially the elf shaped sugar cookies.  He claimed one for himself.

David the Elf overheard that we were going to be headed out to Canada shortly.  He put on Ben's hat in case it was cold, slipped on Ben's shoes and confiscated the car key.  He didn't want to be left behind.

Success!  David the Elf did manage to sneak along to Canada and was waiting for the kids in Nana's fireplace wreath on the very first morning there.

Christmas Eve, David brought the kids a special present before heading back to the North Pole for the year, special new Christmas jammies!

We've missed David all year, so we are hoping he'll be back soon with new adventures for F&B!