Our #TurboFastFun Challenge

We received a second #TurboFastFun package from Fox Home Entertainment last week.  This time, instead of the movie, we received some great goodies to play with and take a little family challenge to do things Turbo Fast!

With our package, I decided to adapt the challenge to fit our family.  Racing for chores or other household tasks would be a great idea, but I realized that it worked well for our homeschooling needs too!

We added work assignments to the chart (handwriting, spelling, grammar, literature, math, history, science and "extras") and the kids used it to check off what they did each day.  Ben especially loves checklists.  The timer was a bit more fun, challenging them for their math facts and to complete certain assignments in the allotted time, especially some of their least favorites.

And since we've already watched Turbo (more than once), I had to promise the boy a different movie night for completing his goals.  I suppose there are worse deals I could make.