Day 8 with Our Elf on the Shelf

We woke up this morning to find out that David the Elf had started an elf school in the kitchen with Hoppy, Peepers and Bear as his students.  Faith was slightly perturbed that the elf had gone into their rooms overnight to recruit his students.

Meanwhile, back in Kuwait, Duncan the Elf sent us more mail.

It's finally the weekend
Hip Hip Hooray
I think I'll enjoy
A short nap today.

I've been busy all week
Having lots of fun
But as you well know,
My work here's not done.

Since it is Sunday
A day marked for rest
I'll do all the things
Elves like to do best.

I'll take a short rest
And eat a few sweets
So I'll be ready for Monday
And lots of new treats!

Lots of Love,
Duncan the Elf