Elf on the Shelf, Day 24, the end

We had one last visit from David the Elf today.  He brought new Christmas jammies for both kids and a new Christmas book--The Soldier's Night Before Christmas.  F&B recorded it and we uploaded it for Daddy to listen to in Kuwait.

Duncan was apparently enjoying one last hurrah in Kuwait too, find the big Christmas tree.

The day has come,
It's finally here
To celebrate
With Christmas cheer

It's kind of hard
We're in Kuwait
Daddy and I'd rather be
With Ben and Faith

But our work here 
Is still not done
But we want you to try 
And have some fun

Eat your cookies
Unwrap your toys
Have fun with family
And share Christmas joy

And my last wish for you
Before I fly out of sight
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night.

Lots of Love,
Duncan the Elf