Elf on the Shelf, Day 6

What's our elf up to today?  David had some fun late last night adding mustaches to my favorite picture of F&B.  Since he's not a mean elf, he stayed far away from the dry erase markers and made them paper mustaches instead.  (The picture in question was drawn for me by a street artist in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2006 and is irreplaceable, dry erase would be a huge no-no.)

What about Duncan?  He emailed too!

It's not really Christmas
Without a tree of some kind
But here in the desert
They're quite hard to find.

So what should I do?
I knew I must fix this
I found some sweet cards
With holiday wishes.

I thought very hard
And came up with a plan
With some tape and elf magic
Our tree was at hand!

Lots of Love,
Duncan the Elf