Kia Sorento Review

This fall, we were blessed to have the opportunity to try out a couple of new vehicles, which is an awesome blogger perk, if I do say so myself.  One of these was the new 2014 Kia Sorento!

With two kids and a medium-sized border collie mix, we're partial to the small to mid-size SUVs.  The husband has a very small car for commuting, but I've learned I'm much happier with a bit of space in my vehicle.

While we are past the big bulky car seats phase, we still need a booster seat for Ben.  It fit well, with room to spare, and most importantly to Ben, with the middle arm rest and cup holders down.  However, since Dante also needed a seat, the arm rest didn't stay down permanently.  Unlike most dogs, Dante sits in the middle seat between the kids.

We also loved the third row option.  We tried it both ways, with the seats up which left us a small trunks pace, perfect for when the kids have friends over, and with the seats folded into the floor which left us a great sized cargo area.  We also tested out folding down the middle row seats which left a very large area for larger moving projects.

For the techy people within us, both the husband and I loved the center console--touch screen everything, Sirius satellite radio, the ability to connect our iPhone signals easily, and a built in USB charger.  (In the above picture, that's my spare USB charger that plus into the lighter since we both usually need our phones plugged in.)

In the electronic highlights, I'd be remiss not to mention the heated seats, which my current vehicle is woefully lacking.  Next vehicle *must* have them!  The sunroof was the kids' favorite part, taking up most of the roof line.  Dante was a little confused by it, but figured it out quickly.  The Colorado views are amazing, so we enjoyed having it open to look at the mountains.

And what might have been my favorite part of the car?  See the little orange mark on the mirror?  It's a sensor that tells you when someone is in your blind spot.  I may have made my husband slow down in order to get someone in our blind spot just so I could take this picture.  It may sound odd, but it's one of those little features I truly appreciated it.

And finally, one of our beautiful fall days, as seen out the front window of the Sorento.  We tried the Sorento on the freeways and side streets, then decided to drive into the mountain to check out the handling.  It met and exceeded all expectations.  We're adding the Kia Sorento to the shortlist when I replace my car!

I was given the Kia Sorento to drive for a week, courtesy of STI - The Drive Experience Company.  All opinions expressed are my own.