Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Review

As mentioned a few posts ago, we were presented with the opportunity to test drive a few cars this fall. One of those was the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, which fits my criteria of a smaller SUV type vehicle. (Remember, two kids, one dog, need space, but not too much!)  And what better time to share than when we're on a cross-country road trip?

So how was the space? As the Outlander Sport is a 5 seat SUV, there was plenty of cargo room, with enough back seat space for Ben's booster seat, Faith, and Dante in between them.  This is actually my criteria for most vehicles.

I like the *allure* of a 7 seat SUV, but there is something to be said for just enough seats for the members of one's immediate family.  I currently drive a 5 seat SUV, having traded in a 7 seater for it.  I'd rather have the cargo room over a third row nine times out of ten.  And, as we tested out the Outlander Sport during our moving weekend, we are very confident on the cargo space, especially when one folds down the second row to fit in boxes.

In terms of electronics, we were once again pleased with the touch screen set up of the middle console, along with the satellite radio.  The adaptor for my car USB charger was tucked into the middle glovebox, so I was able to run the cords through the little gap instead of having them across the car.  And of course, the must-have? Heated seats.  I will not own another car in Colorado without them!

We tested out the car through Colorado Springs and thought it handle well with the varying roads (freeways, side streets and mountains), along with being especially helpful moving our last few items from old house to new.

If you're in the market for a 5-seat SUV?  The Outlander Sport is definitely worth checking out!

I was given the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport to drive for a week, courtesy of STI - The Drive Experience Company. All opinions expressed are my own.