Our Elf on the Shelf is Back … & He Brought a Friend

David the Elf made his triumphant return this morning, much to the delight of F&B.  He brought new snowman mugs, cocoa, candy canes and a note for them, which told them to check their email.  I wonder why???

They logged in and saw a note from Duncan the Elf.  Who is Duncan?  Well …

It's nice to meet you!
I'm Duncan the Elf.
I'm on a mission,
From Santa himself.

I'll watch over your dad
And the rest of his team,
And have lots of fun
While you sleep and dream.

Kuwait is a bit different
From the North Pole
With sand and the desert,
Where will I stroll?

I'll check out the camp
And make some new friends
I'll be ever so busy
Where will it end?

So make sure that you
Check your email each day.
I'll send you a photo
Of me at work and play.

Lots of Love,
Duncan the Elf

The kids are thrilled!  Daddy has his very own elf deployed with him who will email them with pictures and notes every day.  I wonder what kind of mischief this elf will get into?