New Year's Goals

Welcome to the new year!

We stayed in last night and the boy made a plan that he was going to see the ball drop on television.  Come 11:30pm, the boy had dropped and the ball hadn't.  I left him on the couch so I could wake him up to see it happen.  I woke him up at 11:58.  He managed to sit up and see the new year come in.  By 12:03, he had taken himself upstairs and put himself to bed.  He is not the life of the party.

His sister made it a bit longer, but she was in bed before 1am as well.  We mostly missed our soldier, though he was chatting in with us when the new year rolled around.

As per my usual January 1st, I chatted with him, and a few friends about the goals for the year:
  • Blogging - focusing in on what I want this blog to be, while expanding What's for Lunch to be more food encompassing instead of just bento; more recipes there, more local trips/homeschool/craft stuff here
  • Books - my yearly 50 book challenge with friends
  • Food - menu planning again and staying with our minimal eating out goal, at least till the husband gets back
  • Photos - trying a Project 365 or Photo-a-Day or whatever you call it, it's going on FB so my husband can see it too
  • Exercise - ??? something  I just don't know what that something is yet, but something needs to happen
Trying an accountability thing online with a few friends, so hoping that may help!