Hallmark at Walmart, Perfect for Valentines #ValentineCards

It's time to start planning for Valentine's Day at our house and that means shopping for the perfect cards.  This year, I needed special cards for the kiddos, since Daddy is deployed and can't shop for his own, special cards for him from the kids and from me, and a few more fun cards for our Valentine's Day dinner.  We're having a friend and her kids over since her husband is also deployed and having a mom & kid meal.  I wanted a few special cards for her kids too, to go with some goodies I am baking.

With the help of a #CollectiveBias shop, I took advantage of the kids' having a church program to attend and snuck off to Walmart alone!  Walmart has a huge selection of Hallmark cards for every occasion and I knew I could find the perfect Valentines cards that way.  Our Walmart was no exception--cute cards, funny cards, sentimental cards, character cards, everything I could ask for!  There was even a second display in the front main aisle, close to the checkouts, with even more options.

So what did I end up choosing?  So glad you asked!  I spent most of my time picking the best cards for the kids and for my husband--one for my daughter, one for my son, one for the husband from me, and one for Daddy from F&B.  After a very long perusal, these were my picks!

From left to right, I chose Soccer Buddies for Daddy from the kids, a Superman one from me to my husband, a cute puppy and sports themed card for my son, and a kawaii style card for my daughter, matched to everyone's personality.  Next up, I needed cards for my friends' children and Walmart's selection did not disappoint.  I opted for a 6 pack of Hallmark cards since I needed multiples and wanted to keep the same theme for all.  (Anyone with multiple children should know exactly why you don't want things to be too different!)  This pack had 3 puppy themed cards with two of each card included.  Perfect!

Even better, Hallmark has expanded their rewards program!  We already use the rewards program at the actual Hallmark shops, but now there is also a rewards program for when you shop for Hallmark cards at Walmart!  For every five cards you purchase, you'll earn a reward.  I just love this because we are at Walmart frequently and it's great to pick up everything you need in one place. We'll most definitely be enjoying our Hallmark rewards at Walmart in the future.

Make sure you check out connectionsfromhallmark.com to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see great content from other bloggers. Join in the #ValentineCards conversation on Twitter!


  1. First, I want to thank your husband and your friend's husband for their service. I agree with you - I love the variety of Hallmark Valentine's Day cards at Walmart and the rewards you can get from buying them! Thanks for sharing. #client


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