Simple Summer Reading Posters

Each summer, the kids participate in assorted summer reading programs, through the local library and bookstores, plus we often do a family one in some way. It's been hard to keep track of books once we turn in any form required.  This year, I wanted something to keep better track of their reads.  The solution?  Summer Reading Posters!

One quick trip to the Dollar Tree and $5 (plus tax) later, I did a little bit of design work, and their posters were ready to go.

I purchased two sheets of poster board and four packages of assorted colored star-shaped sticky notes.  We already had more than enough art supplies at home, so I hand-lettered "Faith's Summer Reads" and "Ben's Summer Reads" at the top.  We considered cutting the letters with the Sizzix or Cricut, but simple won out since both of those are in a box in the basement right now.

I affixed the posters to their doors with blue painters tape and left a basket with the sticky notes and a few markers on the ledge by their rooms. They took their notebooks to fill in the first titles they've read and we stuck them to the posters.  Now that they've caught up, it will be much easier to read a book and create a star to add.

So far, we haven't determined what the official family challenge is or the prizes, but they are both set to fill their whole posters with stars!