Enjella Uprooted {Book Review}

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to review the new book, Enjella Uprooted, by Jane F. Collen.  I showed it to Faith who agreed to read it for me and help with the review, since it seemed like the perfect choice for her.  Not only did we receive this book, we received the second one in the series, called Storming Back to Key West.

Faith read them both and loved them, so I asked her to write part of the post:
Enjella Uprooted is the story of how a regular fairy becomes a very special tooth fairy.  Enjella starts out as a tooth sorter, but she wants to be best sparkler on the star.  (A sparkler, in case you were wondering, is the tooth fairy who turns lost teeth into silver coins.)

On one of her sparkling routes, she meets a little girl named Abigail, talks to her and becomes her friend.  Tooth fairies are not supposed to talk to the children, but Enjella wants to help her new friend solve her problems and do what's right.  How can Enjella help her friend and still be a tooth sparkler?

The Enjella series continues in Storming Back to Key West, where Enjella goes on an adventure with her friends to a lighthouse where they go back in time! They experience a hurricane and help a human family prepare for the storm.

Faith really enjoyed the book and said they were a fun, fantasy series.  She's definitely looking forward to another sequel!