Rio 2 Road Trip Party with Fox Home Insiders

The kids and I are loving our summer and gearing up for our big California road trip in a few weeks.  Now that the husband is home from deployment, it's time for a big family vacation.  But until that arrives, we've been doing lots of little trips in the area, which end up being great practice for the upcoming 16 hour drive.

With a little help from our friends at Fox Home Insiders, we are all set for these trips, big and small.  We received the most awesome travel bags, filled with coloring and activity sheets, stickers, silly band bracelets, and necessities like tissues and toothbrushes.  Better yet?  We received a downloadable copy of Rio 2 for the iPad!

Rio2 was the perfect road trip movie as Blu, Jewel, and their three kids head on a special trip of their own, to the Amazon. As Blu tries to fit into his new surroundings, he goes beak-to-beak with the villainous Nigel, and meets the most fearsome adversary of all: his father-in-law!  It's such a cute movie and both kids really loved it.

What are our best summer road trip tips?
  • Be comfy!  Wear soft knit shorts and t-shirts, leave the jeans for another time.  Pair them up with sneakers for walking around at rest stops.
  • Pack lots of snacks to save on roadside stops.  Granola bars, frozen yogurt tubes, pretzels, cheese sticks, fruit snacks all help with the snack craving.
  • Plan a variety of activities.  We bring coloring sheets (like the ones Fox sent us from Rio 2), books, a deck of cards, and magnet sets.
  • Try audiobooks!  We started doing this years ago and the kids actually didn't want to get out of the car till a chapter finished.
  • Pick a good movie or two.  A great movie passes time and we like to space out the different activities to prevent boredom.  A movie also gives you about 90 minutes of quiet time!  We really enjoyed Rio 2, especially the downloadable aspect.  My iPad is much smaller than bringing a DVD player and movies.
What are your best family road trip tips?

Disclosure: This post was written as part of my relationship with Fox Home Entertainment Insiders. All opinions expressed are my own.