Cleaning Messes with Viva Vantage & Walmart

If you've got kids or pets, then you've got messes!  That's where Viva Vantage Paper Towels come in.

I've got muddy paws (thanks Dante), messy counters (thank you kids) and numerous other messes to clean up (thank you all furry and non furry family members).  And since I'm always cleaning up those messes, I'm cleaning messes with Viva® Vantage.

Must-have half sheets! Faith offered to help me.

After picking up an 8 pack at Walmart (we were almost out of paper towels), we decided to put our Viva Vantage to the test. Viva® Vantage towels are made with a revolutionary V-Flex Weave, which provides stretch that helps deliver great scrubbing power.  I also love that they come off the roll in half sheet size, I hate wasting paper products.

We started with the coffee pot morning clean up.  Extra easy!  Next up, we managed to find a spill of blackberry pomegranate tea.  Also tackled with just a single Viva Vantage towel. The sponge-like absorbency helps you soak up major spills, definitely a plus for me.

After that, we tried out the stretchiness, tugging them this way and that to see what would they could take.  I was very impressed with how much stretching the towels hold up to, before our real test.


We grabbed a towel and headed out to the garden where I picked a zucchini, a cucumber and two tomatoes.  We rinsed them, set them on the paper towel to dry, then picked up the towel with veggies on top.  Would it break???

The veggie test!

Ta da!  It did not, although we nearly dropped a tomato during the process.  So after a quick pic for proof, I tucked my veggies away safely.

The next test?  Dante's paws during the next rain storm, but I have a feeling Viva Vantage towels will hold up to that one too!  And I'm tired enough of muddy paws to not be hoping to try this soon.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart and Viva Vantage paper towels, all opinions and photos are my own!