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Colorado could have a new national monument and there is an overwhelming amount of support for it. Mark Hammer, owner of Colorado white water company, The Adventure Company, and 28-year veteran rafting guide declared his support for the Browns Canyon and Wilderness Act of 2013, written by U.S. Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) to establish a 22,000-acre Browns Canyon National Monument and a 10,400 acre area of wilderness around the Arkansas River south of Buena Vista as a national monument. Udall's bill is derived from the input of rafting outfitters, local business leaders, fishing guides, and ranchers. Hammer said he and other business owners support the bill because it will provide increased wildlife preservation, sustainability of the local outdoor recreation economy and the ability for future generations to enjoy pristine scenery and clean water.

Browns Canyon between Buena Vista and Salida is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, anglers, and boaters. This rugged environment provides critical habitat for eagles, elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer, mountain lion and black bear. Browns Canyon was recently designated Gold Medal status by the state of Colorado making it the longest stretch of Gold Medal waters in the state.

"Colorado and the Arkansas River valley depend on tourism and recreation for economic health. Browns Canyon is one of the most popular stretches of river in the country for whitewater rafting. This Colorado resource is also known for its rugged beauty, gold medal fishing, abundant wildlife, and world class outdoor recreation. As a company that annually contributes a percentage of our rafting income to the Land Trust of the Upper Arkansas (LTUA), The Adventure Company believes that river conservation is of the utmost importance in protecting this special area for the future, " said Hammer.

The US Bureau of Land Management currently manages Browns Canyon as a wilderness study area. This designation temporarily prevents mining and some development in the area. Udall's legislation provides permanent protection for the region, its habitat and for tourism and recreation including whitewater rafting in one of Colorado's most popular river rafting spots. Upwards of 100,000, people raft through Browns Canyon each summer, accounting for almost 40 percent of Colorado's entire river rafting activity.

The Adventure Company is open until 8/31/2014 while water levels on the Arkansas River are still fantastic! Rafting through Browns Canyon is a spectacular experience and should not be missed. Their trips on the Arkansas River meet at their Adventure Base Camp in Buena Vista, CO, an easy and scenic two hour drive from Denver.

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