Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends DVD {Giveaway}

Even with my not-so-much fun almost-12 year old, I still love Strawberry Shortcake!  Thankfully, my friend's little girl is more than willing to enjoy it with me, so I can live vicariously through her.  And it's always fun when Strawberry Shortcake has a new DVD out!

It’s friends first for Strawberry Shortcake and her favorite gal pals in Berry Best Friends!

When Orange Blossom’s general store overflows with a new line of fruits and veggies, she tries to handle all of the details without any help from others, and, as a result, she’s exhausted! Strawberry is excited to be building a new marketplace, but has a tough time learning how to graciously say, “no, thank you.” Both soon learn that talking about what you need is the berry best thing to do.

Click the above graphic for a Berry Best Friends Coloring Page!

When the BFFs form a new band called Strawberry and the Sweet Beats, they’re all jazzed to head out on the road...except for Orange, who is afraid to admit that she doesn’t want to leave home. Once she tells her friends how she feels, she’s ready to set out for a rockin’ good time!

Do you love Strawberry Shortcake too?  We have the perfect snack for a Strawberry Shortcake movie--Strawberry Nutella Bites!

Just chop up a strawberry into small pieces and set aside.  Spread the tops of several vanilla wafers with a dab of Nutella and top with a strawberry chunk.  Eat and enjoy!

Want to win a copy of Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends on DVD for yourself or your kids?  Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter our giveaway!  Tell me in the comments what your favorite strawberry snack is.

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Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to receive an advance copy of Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends for myself and a copy to giveaway as part of my relationship with Fox Home Entertainment Insiders. All opinions expressed are my own.


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