Cool Christmas Gifts for Boys? #ItsaDaisy

With a boy and a girl, I've got to admit, it's much hard to shop for cool Christmas gifts for boys.  And if you look around my house, you'll notice that my boy isn't exactly lacking anything.  This is why we decided to take the plunge and get Mr. Ben a Daisy BB gun of his own.

As a Cub Scout, he's participated in several scout-sanctioned shooting activities and even earned his belt loop and pin.  However, with an Army dad, there's no reason why target shooting wouldn't be a great father-son activity.  Since the safest way to learn is with a BB Gun, we took Ben to Bass Pro Shops Santa's Wonderland to shop.  We purchased him a Daisy 75th Anniversary Red Ryder BB Gun, along with Daisy ammunition and protective goggles, because #ItsaDaisy.   Why not go with a true classic?

Once home, my husband sat down with Ben to teach him the basics of gun safety.  Even so, we have Ben's new Daisy Red Ryder stored away with the BBs separate, since that is best practice with any weapon.  The first rule at our house is only using the Daisy when Daddy is with you!  They also worked on other important ideas like wearing your eye pro, only shooting targets, keeping your safety on and finger off the trigger until shooting, and more.  (In case you were wondering, my husband is wearing his Army-issued prescription strength eye pro, hence the dark sunglasses.)

Since Ben had learned to shoot a little bit in scouts, he was ready to take on our makeshift range.  Daddy showed him again how to load and set up the BB gun and he was off.  There's no happier kid than when he heard the ping of the BB off the metal target and by the end of their day, his aim was definitely improving.  He's all set to go out with Daddy as soon as they can again!

As Ben learned at scout day camp, Daisy educates roughly one million of America’s youth a year through their Ten Lesson Shooting Curriculum on safe gun use (found here) and has been doing so since 1948. Daisy educates through its partnership with leading conservation and youth training organizations as well as church and private camps.

Daisy also offers portable, inflatable BB gun ranges that can be found at major outdoor sporting goods retailers and leading conservation organizations. The majority of those who attend the an outdoor or store event and shoot at the ranges are first-time shooters.

But even after all this?  There's nothing better than watching my husband and son doing this together and making memories.  Ben is his Daddy's mini-me to begin with and it's awesome to see him try to emulate him.

Are your kids dreaming Daisy dreams this Christmas?  Are you looking for Christmas present ideas for the boys (or girls) in your life?  I'm partnering with Bass Pro Shops for a great giveaway for $2,000 worth of gift cards!

Four winners will be chosen to each receive a $500 gift card to Bass Pro Shops, so you can gift a Daisy to your family.  Winners must be 18 years or older and gift cards will arrive after Christmas. To enter for your chance to win, just use the form below.

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun!

  2. My husband uses the same Army-issued prescription strength eye pro! So he looked cool teaching our boys how to shoot their BB guns too. Eye safety is so important when shooting any kind of gun. #client


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