Mr. Christmas' Striped Collage Christmas Ornaments #KidMadeChristmas

It's not Christmastime around here without our Christmas book collection!

When Faith was a baby, I bought a ton of Christmas books on sale right after the holidays and saved them till the next year.  I built on this collection each year and tucked them away after the holidays.  We still pull them out and read all the stories each and every year!  We have all the favorites, classics and moderns, character books and cute stories, religious and Santa.

One of my favorites is still Mr. Christmas by Roger Hangreaves.  My brother and I had many of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books, back in the late 70s/early 80s, and they've been passed down to my kids.  Mr. Christmas is a must read each year for me and it was my pick for our entry in the 10 Days of a Kid-Made Christmas, Ornaments Inspired by children's books.

In honor of Mr. Christmas (who happens to be shaped like a tree), we created striped collage Christmas trees!

What You Need:
  • Scrapbook or patterned or wrapping paper, cut into thin strips
  • Cardstock (any color)
  • Cookie cutters to trace shapes for your ornaments
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Mod Podge

How to Make Collage Ornaments:
  • Precut your patterned paper into strips.
  • With a glue stick, glue patterned paper to one side of the card stock, overlapping the edges so no plain paper shows through.  Fill the whole page in order to make several ornaments.
  • Flip over the card stock and repeat with more pattern paper.
  • Brush one side with Mod Podge to seal, let dry, then repeat on the opposite side.
  • Use cookie cutters to draw/trace different shapes onto the patterned paper.
  • Cut out each design and punch a hole for the ornament hanger.

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  1. awww so fun Shannon!! We have Mr. Christmas too - such a cute ornament to go along with the book!!


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