Tales of Little Overhill: Belfry’s Christmas Gift {Book Review}

What is our favorite Christmas tradition?  Adding new books to our big pile of Christmas books!  Even with F&B being 12 and 9 this year, we love reading through all our different Christmas stories.  We've got a quite the collection now, easily 50+ books, classics and contemporary, Santa and Jesus, characters and stories.

This year, we are adding Theo's Tales of Little Overhill: Belfry's Christmas Gift to our collection and it's adorable!
In this heartwarming Christmas story from Theo's Tales of Little Overhill, Belfry must think of something to give Theo at the Christmas party. He soon discovers that the best gifts are not those wrapped in ribbons and bows. Belfry's gift is one that changes the life of a gruff and lonely clockmaker, someone shunned by all of the village animals. It is the gift of love!
Like the other Theo's Tales of Little Overhill books, this book shares important messages for kids, in a format they can easily understand.  Especially during the Christmas season, it's a great way to teach how the gifts that matter are from the heart, not the ones purchased and wrapped.

We loved it and are glad to include it as part of our favorite Christmas traditions.