The Best of Me Date Night

How do you do date night?

When my husband is in town, we love the opportunity to go out to dinner and chat, or just snuggle up on the couch with a movie or tv show.  We tend to binge watch a series at a time, so we can discuss the show with each other (lately, we've been loving Blue Bloods and Elementary, and our old standby is the NCIS original and New Orleans versions).

But, in our case, date night is sometimes a little more remote.  With him being active-duty military, we spent two Valentine's Days ago with him deployed and this Valentine's Day with him out of state.  So sometimes, we just have to be a little more creative.

Home from deployment finally!

A few tips for long-distance dating your spouse:
  • Skype!  Or FaceTime!  Or some kind of digital video chatting.  This was so imperative on deployment since regular phone contact wasn't easy.
  • Text or FB messenger--see the above.  In the States, we text, but on deployment FB messenger was much more reliable.
  • Games.  It sounds silly, but we are both currently addicted to a trivia app and have several games going against each other at any given time.  
  • TV/movies--we still watch the same series or movies so we can chat with each other about them. In the US, we actually will watch with our phones on so we can talk about it live.  This is infinitely easier with him only an hour time zone behind us, instead of across the world.
  • Dinner together!  We do this with our kids too, we put the phones on speaker with Skype or a phone call so we can eat and chat, just like it was in person!
  • When you are together?  Make the most of it!  We love being outdoors, so took an early anniversary trip to whitewater raft in the Royal Gorge when my sweet friend offered to watch our kids.  We also take a ski weekend when my parents visit--kids get grandparent time and we get us time!
Anniversary getaway, just the two of us

What are your surefire tricks for keeping things alive with your spouse over distance?  Have you done it before?  Right now, we're mostly counting down the days till we get to live in the same state again.

Disclosure: Fox Home Entertainment Insiders provided me with some date-night goodies and a copy of the Best of Me to help facilitate this post. All opinions expressed are my own.