Make a DIY Playhouse for Lalaloopsy Tinies

Faith and I are having a lot of fun checking out the new Lalaloopsy Tinies dolls!  There's something just too fun about these little mini-figures and the actual curly hair is awesome.

What we love about them?
  • They are adorable!  I can't get past how cute they are.
  • They are teeny tiny.  Faith always loved the miniature toys over anything normal sized.
  • They are portable.  When Faith was a toddler, I always had a few mini things in my purse to keep her entertained while we are out.
  • There are tons of varieties, even animals.  I want a few of those for me.  

We missed the original Lalaloopsy craze since Faith was a little bit older when they came out, but mini figures are still a lot of fun to play with.  Since Faith loves crafting and doodling, we decided to design a little playset for the Tinies, that would be the perfect take-along toy since it folds up to the size of a book.  Even better, you can add on to it or design a new set anytime you feel like it!

We used this basic fold up tutorial from Kids Activity Blog.  I had some white shipping cardboard leftover from a package (about the thickness of a cardboard box).  I cut it in half, then each half in half again.  I penciled in a few roof shapes and cut those angles with large scissors.  We wanted a few doors and windows, so I traced those lightly in pencil, then used a craft knife to cut them out.

Then came the fun part!  We doodled houses and designs onto each building to decorate a street scene--windows, doors, gardens, even a few butterflies and pets.  Once the drawings were finished, we set the houses out in order and I punched two holes in the shared sides.  We tied them with a bit of ribbon and cut off the edges.  You'll want to tie them in a large M or W shape so they fold up easily.

You can find the Lalaloopsy Tinies at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and Amazon, don't forget to collect the different sets!  Or check out Lalaloopsy online at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Disclosure: We received a package of Lalaloopsy Tinies with Hair from MGA Entertainment for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.