The Perfect Date Night with The Longest Ride: The Update

So, are you dying to know how our perfect date night went?  Or probably more like our date week since the kids were at camp up through this morning?

We've actually had quite the lovely week.  We had lunch with a good friend from Colorado one day, dinner with our best friends from Dallas on another, had a BBQ with our new church life group here in Washington on yet another day, then grilled steaks and baked potatoes while relaxing at home on the fourth day.  We walked Dante-dog through all the cool trails in our neighborhood and caught up on our favorite shows and movies.

We also loved our The Longest Ride date night from Fox Home Insiders and all the fun goodies they sent us.  It's so great to actually have a movie night alone, just the two of us, without interruptions.  We grilled out at our house and had a nice dinner before settling down to watch the movie.  And, we were able to watch from start to finish without any complaints or pressing matters that involved pausing our film to solve.

Our The Longest Ride Date Night Basket included:
  • A copy of The Longest Ride on Blu-ray 
  • Orville Redenbacher Popcorn 
  • Kernel Seasonings (To spice up your popcorn) 
  • Chex Mix
  • Autographed copy of The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
You can also pick up all these items at Target by ordering online and selecting pick-up inshore.  Don't forget to use their Cartwheel app for more coupons too!

What is your perfect date night?  Do you go somewhere or just hang out at home?  I'd love to hear!

Disclosure: This information, along with a copy of The Longest Ride, the date night basket,  and other goodies, was provided to me as part of my relationship with Fox Home Entertainment Insiders. All opinions expressed are my own.