Grilling Just Like Dad with #SizzleNServeGrill from Little Tikes

When the girl was little, she always wanted to grill just like his daddy and grandpa.  We bought her the Little Tikes grill and she would make us tons of pretend foods.  We passed it on to the boy when he was old enough and we enjoyed a second round of yummy grilled plastic foods.

This week, we're checking out the Sizzle N Serve grill from Little Tikes and sharing it with one of our little friends.  The update version is just as cute as it could be, with an orange dome style grill and plenty of yummy foods for your little chef.

What we love:

  • Like most Little Tikes products, it's really easy to assemble!  I had it from box to play in under 5 minutes.
  • It comes with plenty of food--two hotdogs, two hotdog buns, two hamburgers, two hamburger buns, ketchup, mustard, and two cooking utensils.  There is nothing worse at a pretend BBQ than running out of food.
  • Open-ended play.  I'm referring back to the one we had when F&B were little, but they played for *hours* with that toy.  I love cooking toys for kids.  There is always so much to do with them.  Mine made meals, had BBQs, played restaurant, set up a sushi bar, and more!  And any toy that they could play with together happily?  Total win!
  • Everything fits inside for easy storage.  We preferred to store toys with their own pieces, so I love how you can put everything inside the grill and it still shuts.

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Disclosure: We received a Little Tikes Explorer Sizzle N Serve from MGA Entertainment for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.