Back to {Home}School - Curriculum Round-Up

Officially, we start school next week, as we're taking a quick little trip first, but I've been busy getting ready for the new school year.  This year, we have an 8th and a 5th grader!

Almost everything I've ordered has arrived, we're just waiting on one last math book.  After a lot of thinking, we opted to keep with most of our curriculum choices from the past, with a change in history.

What are we using?  For our core choices, we have:

8th Grade:
Saxon Math Algebra 2, homeschool edition
Shurley English 8, which includes grammar and writing
Apologia Physical Science
Notgrass America the Beautiful for history, includes literature

5th Grade:
Saxon Math 7/6, homeschool edition
Shurley English 5, which includes grammar and writing
Apologia Swimming Creatures
Notgrass America the Beautiful for history, includes literature

Besides the literature in Notgrass, I've chosen a few other literature books to accompany our English units.  Since both children are voracious readers, it's not really a big issue, but I want to be sure we have some good reading over the school year.   For English, we are also purchasing subscriptions to Spelling City and to Wordly Wise 3000, for spelling and vocabulary respectively.  I think the online option might be a good way to go since they already do a lot of writing in other subjects.

I'm also adding in my own geography units to go into our social studies curriculum.  We'll be doing a bit of a state-by-state study, likely a notebook when all is said and done.  I've put together a good number of online resources plus books from my own classroom, so it will be a nice add in, since geography is often lacking.

We're still figuring out other activities.  For now, the boy is going to play fall soccer and in a homeschool flag football league.  The girl is signed up for yoga and is debating a second choice of classes.  Both will do Scouts again and we are thinking of signing them back up for martial arts.

Just a few more days and our school year begins!