Professor Murphy Metal Puzzle Set {Parragon Book Buddies}

Last month, the kids and I received Professor Murphy Metal Puzzle Set from Parragon for our Book Buddies program from Parragon Books.

I love puzzles like this and I knew both of the kids would be too.  The kit features a little gift box with 6 different metal puzzles to solve--triple circles, triangles, a corkscrew/spiral, and more.  Also included is a book explaining how to separate each puzzle and a group of riddles to try out too.

From the team at Parragon:
Master the twists and turns of these perplexing puzzles. Inside, you'll find 6 metal puzzles to solve along with a 16-page book of brain-teasers and riddles. Can you crack them all?
At 10, Ben was able to figure out how to work most of the puzzles with some help from the instruction book and he's ready to riddle his friends with them and the written riddles within the book.

We all agreed, this would be a great stocking stuffer for older kids on up!  It's so hard to fill stockings, these would be a fun Christmas afternoon or dinner puzzle to try.