BrickSwag Subscription Box {Review}

Ben was very happy to find out that he gets to sample at 3-month membership to BrickSwag for me. The life of a blogger's kid must be very rough on him.

What is BrickSwag?  It's a subscription box for Lego lovers!  Once a month, your Lego aficionado receives a box in the mail, filled with all sorts of Lego goodies.

Since we signed up for blog purposes, the company sent us October's box so we could get a sample in hand quickly.  This box included:
  • A mini-robot to build out of Legos
  • A copy of BUILD magazine which had other Lego ideas and reviews
  • 5 Lego minifig trading cards
  • A Lego baseball t-shirt (I think October may have had a different shirt, baseball was a summer box pick)
  • A bag of assorted Lego pieces for extra fun creative building

What we loved:
  • The mini-robot!  He's really quite cute and Ben had him assembled in no time.
  • The random pieces.  Ben loves to build and comes up with the most creative items.  In the above photo, he used the extra pieces to create a rocket and a minifig with a remote to control it.  All the pieces came in the bag of miscellaneous pieces.
  • BUILD magazine.  I was surprised how interested Ben was in it, but it does have reviews of other sets and building idea suggestions.
In all, we are really wanting to see the next two boxes to see if we want to continue our subscription.  Because of the rush, we may have missed the Thanksgiving box and Ben did want the turkey.  He's also hoping, based on the website, that he'll receive some of the Lego mini-sets, so here's to hoping with the next two boxes!

We do think this could be a great idea for a Christmas gift for your Lego fan, depending on the desire to have certain sets or randomly build.  Head over to to check out the packages offered.

Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my ongoing relationship with US Family Guide. I received a complimentary subscription to BrickSwag in exchange for my post.