Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Are You Ready?

The boy is really excited.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is getting closer to release date and we're finding all sorts of cool related merchandise.  We just got an awesome sandwich box for lunches with BB-8 on it and some Christmas decorations.  The trailer is awesome and is only making us count the days even more.

What the boy doesn't know is I've got all sorts of Star Wars goodies for his Christmas stocking (socks, hot beverage cup, and more).  We're also heading to Disney to see the holiday decorations but I haven't told him all about the "Season of the Force".  Basically, it's all Star Wars, all the time at our house.

Thanks to Disney, we have a great printable activity book to share with coloring sheets and games for the new Star Wars movie.  It will be perfect for our road trip and I bet for any of your Disney fans too.  Just click the photo above to grab the PDF file!  If that doesn't work, click here for the link.

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