AdoramaPix - Hexagon Metal Prints {Review}

Once again, we got the opportunity to check out one of the products from AdoramaPix.  I've been raving for months over their metal photo prints.  We received one for a blog post last year and immediately ordered a second one to match it because we loved it so much.

This time, we were offered a sample of the hexagon metal prints and I knew I had just the perfect picture for one.  After looking at the different size options (it comes in three sizes) and trying to narrow it down between two pictures, I finally decided that I wanted both in a smaller size so I could hang them together.

I used the software on AdoramaPix to set my design and crop my photos, along with rotating the hexagons from points at top/bottom to flat to bottoms (seriously a brilliant option).  I touched up my color and hit order.

The pictures arrived on time, actually a few days earlier than scheduled.  Turn-around time was about two weeks, likely due to Mother's Day.  Our Christmas order was comparable, our random January order was quicker.  The prints are well packed for safe shipping and were ready for hanging.

We did have a small blip in our order, the picture hangers were missing.  One quick email to AdoramaPix and their customer service team sent us two new ones that arrived in two days!  We are totally understanding that mistakes happen, and a good company is quick to fix them.  We'll definitely be ordering more metal prints!

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Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my ongoing relationship with US Family Guide. I received a complimentary metal photo print in exchange for my post.