The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance {Review}

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance is an online multiplayer game, designed for kids to help relate the story of the Bible to them in a way that keeps their attention.  Like Narnia, the design is to bring children towards the Word in a way that relates.

From the game site:
The Aetherlight effectively engages kids in the bible by engaging their imaginations with an epic allegorical story, like the Chronicles of Narnia did for the generations past. By closely following the story of the bible, but in a steampunk inspired land, players are able to make the connections and discoveries for themselves, and see the bible stories in a new light.
We've been able to check out the game over the last few days to see what we think and the kids have written the review for me!

The Game:
The city, Aesthasia, is under attack by the evil emperor, Lucky, and his automatons.  Your mission is to team up with "The Resistance" to save Aethasia from the emperor.  You must battle robots and build gadgets to help you in your quest.  Along the way, you'll discover new places and team up with other players to work towards defeating Lucky.  

It's a pretty cool game.  I like that it's an adventure game, so you can fight bad guys and complete missions.  There's a whole adventure you can follow with one long term main storyline quest and extra little quests you can complete on the side.  The game seems long lasting because there's always something different to check out.  It's a good mix of battle elements and quest elements, so it's more appealing than just having one of the other.

It's also cool that you can interact with other people while you're playing the game.  You can be on a mission and needing help, and people who've already done the mission can help you along the way if you get stuck.  Because it's real people, they can be a lot of help with advice or fighting with you. You also can build cool things, like gadgets to help you with your missions, new clothes or outfits, or upgrades to your own weapons and armor.

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance is available on assorted platforms--Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android tablets via Google Play.
Our at-home preference is the iPad so all thoughts are based on the iOS option.    All screenshots were taken on our iPad Air.
The base game is free for downloading with extra episodes that can be purchased via the website.

Disclosure: We received The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance episodes for the purposes of this review.  All thoughts belong to the kids!