Wings Over Washington Flying Theater

We spent our summer living life on the West Coast.  With a move back to the mountains coming up quickly, we decided spending time as PNWers was necessary.  We did some travel up and down the coast and spent some time staycationing in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

One of the coolest things we've found?   The new Wings Over Washington Flying Theater at Miner's Landing/Pier 56 in Seattle!  We were invited to a media sneak preview in August.

Wings Over Washington is a flying theater ride, reminiscent of Disney's Soarin' at California Adventure and Epcot.  The ride takes the viewer on a beautiful scenic tour over the state of Washington, from Olympic National Forest and the San Juan Islands, to Snoqualmie Falls and Seattle, and many more.

The riders are brought into a lower lobby, complete with an illuminated map of Washington, providing a sneak peek at some of the locations the ride will visit.  The lobby is worth taking a closer look at--the map is impressive and the room isn't lacking in details.

After, the riders are brought up a flight of stairs to a second room--an outdoors cabin, complete with a virtual tour guide who explains more about the ride, the rules, and what you are about to see.  Native American totems help with the explanation.

Finally, the doors to the ride itself open and the riders are ushered into the theater, through a waterfall and into a forest themed room where they load into their seats to go flying over the wonders of Washington, as a "spirit eagle".

Our review?  We loved it!  The kids adore the flying theater rides and this one did not disappoint.  Between the scents of the forest and flowers, the light misting of water over the falls, the 6K camera and media elements, and the drone eye view of the scenery, it really felt like flying over the state.

The Wings Over Washington experience takes about 20 minutes, which leaves you plenty of time to also enjoy the rest of Miner's Landing!  For more details about location, times, reserving tickets, and more, visit the Wings Over Washington website.