#BooItForward This Halloween

Last year, we did a blog campaign for #BooItForward and booed our neighbors.

In our family-oriented neighborhood, it's a new tradition!  We couldn't wait to boo our neighbors again this year.

Isn't this an awesome tradition?  This year, the official #BooItForward campaign is tied into Ghostbusters, and all the printables have Slimer on them!  We received a copy of the movie in our Boo basket to get things started for the purposes of this post.

How do you make a Boo basket?
  • Buy a basket or a pumpkin or some kind of fun carrier.  Ours is an adorable purple spiderweb basket.
  • Fill it with your favorites candies--we chose some candy corns, Starbursts, and M&Ms.
  • Add in any other fun goodies to share.  We chose Halloween themed bubbles.
  • Head over to the BooItForward page and print one of the awesome cards to top your basket.
  • Sneak over to the neighbor's house and leave it on their doorstep with a note for them to spread the Boo next.

Have you done Boo baskets in your neighborhood?  I'd love to hear about your traditions.

Disclaimer: We received a Boo basket including a copy of the new Ghostbusters movie in exchange for sharing this post.