Holiday Classics from Parragon Books

One of our favorite holiday traditions has always been new Christmas books.

I started buying several Christmas books each year, beginning when my oldest was a baby.  At the beginning of December, we take them all out and at the end of the holiday season, they get put away with our Christmas decorations.  Even my now not-so-little kids reread the books each year and I still try to add a new title or two.

This year, we were excited to get two new versions of classic tales from Parragon Books--The Snow Queen and The Nutcracker.
The closest of friendships broken by a cold-hearted Snow Queen. A cruel spell and an impossible task. A dangerous journey with a magical reunion. This book is a sparkling retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale filled with bravery and love, and is illustrated by Charlotte Cooke. 
In the Nutcracker, on Christmas Eve, Clara receives a very special gift - a wooden nutcracker. Join Clara as she steps into a magical world of toy soldiers and beautiful fairies in this lavishly illustrated Christmas tale. This book is based off the story by E. T. A. Hoffman and is beautifully illustrated by Valeria Docampo.
While both stories feature great renditions of the classic stories, the illustrations are what sets both books apart.  The drawings are amazingly detailed and the characters come alive.  I'm absolutely taken with how well the illustrators designed the stories and all the little details included in each.

We definitely would recommend both titles for your Christmas library.

Disclosure: As Parragon Book Buddies, we received both Christmas books for the purposes of this post.