Travel Fun with Parragon

We got the most awesome Book Buddies package from Parragon, right before we left Washington!

With a 20-some hour car trip ahead of us, plus a good week or so of hotel living, we were extra happy to get things that helped us pass the time--Design And Doodle: Create, Color, & Draw and Professor Murphy's Trivia Fun: 600 Questions for Big & Little Braniacs.

Faith and I took Professor Murphy's Trivia Fun in our car first and amused ourselves for a lot of the ride.  The questions are harder than we expected and we had a great time trying to guess the answers. I think I took the Big Braniacs side, but Faith totally beat me on the Little Braniacs ones.

The game comes with actual rules of play too, but we just played random trivia all through Idaho and Utah.

We're also have become obsessed with adult coloring books and the Design And Doodle: Create, Color, & Draw book was super fun.  Besides awesome coloring pages, the book has blank pages with outlines and tips for how to doodle in them instead of just coloring.  We really liked the size of the book as well, the page dimensions made completing each art piece a bit easier.

Both products are available through Parragon Books and we definitely think they'd make great stocking stuffers this holiday season.  Which would your family like best?

Disclosure: We received the products as part of our partnership with Parragon Books for the purposes of this post.