That's No Moon {3DLightFX Review}

Now that we're settled and mostly unpacked in the new house, the fun part begins--decorating our new house!

This time, we own our house, so my decorating options are much more intense.  We can paint, we can do any kind of wall hangings, you name it.  Since Ben has fairly new space themed decor, we're keeping his theme and adding on a little bit, including some Star Wars touches.  Our new 3DLightFX Death Star night light adds the perfect accent to his room.

This is definitely one of the coolest night lights we've ever seen!

The Death Star is a half sphere, about 12 inches in diameter and about 6 inches depth.  It's battery operated, so there's no cord hanging from the light fixture, very important for a kid room decoration.

Also included is a large "crack" wall sticker to give the appearance that the Death Star is cracking out of the wall.  To our happiness, it really does what it says.

The Death Star, when lit, features the big greenish circle area, with plenty of pinhole designs that throw the light into the room.

Despite the number of holes, the light itself isn't excessively bright, another bonus in our opinion since no one in my house likes bright lights for sleeping.  We also love the 30 minute timer option (the light offers traditional on/off switches and a 30 minute timer which we prefer to use).

Installation as fairly simple.  We washed the wall area where we wanted it and applied the sticker.  Because our walls are textured, applying the sticker was the longest part and my husband did this slowly to make sure they were no tears.  Once the sticker was up, it was just a matter of installing the screws and mounting the fixture.

3DLightFX night lights are available at Target or  They come in a variety of designs, including more Star Wars options, Marvel, Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, sports balls, and more.  They make a great addition to a kid room as wall decor and a night light.  Win-win for us!

Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my ongoing relationship with US Family Guide. I received a complimentary 3DLightFX in exchange for my post.