Treat Your Pet with a Pet Gift Box

Besides stuff for my kids, I absolutely love getting projects to share with my furry kid.

This holiday season, we got to check out the Pet Gift Box for Dante and we are loving the idea!

The Pet Gift Box is a monthly pet subscription box.  You choose dog or cat, enter all your information, and once a month, a box of goodies is delivered right to your door!  It's full of treats and toys for your pet and can be ordered once or on an on-going monthly basis, whatever suits you best.

Dante unboxed his own Christmas box and he was treated to 5 different Dog For Dog products (another cool thing, they donate a meal to dogs in needs with products purchased).  This box contained a package of duck flavored mini treats, a dog bar (think granola bar, almost), a treat ball, a large crinkly soft bone, and a stuffed toy dog to play with. I was happy to discover the treats were all high quality options, since Dante does have a bit of a touchy stomach.

But my favorite part, after he unboxed his gift, he pulled the treat ball out of the box, wrapping and all, and walked around with it.  We had to take it away from him to remove the label and add the treats!  It's a great toy for him.

Other things we like?  Each purchase help feed 10 pets in need.  We have our one fur baby, but we love the idea of helping other dogs in need while treating him to something fun.

Do you order gifts online for your pet?  We'd love to hear what you think of Pet Gift Box.

Disclosure: This post was written as a part of my ongoing relationship with US Family Guide. I received a complimentary Pet Gift Box in exchange for my post.