Animal Art with Stick Sketch School Animal Artventure

When we received a copy of Stick Sketch School: An Animal Artventure by Billy Attinger and Rachel Kochakis, I knew it was a great choice for the boy.

Last year, when we lived in Washington, he created an sea animal comic strip, with facts and drawings of all his favorite creatures, as a submission project for a marine life science camp he wanted to attend.  I knew he'd love the chance to try to draw even more animals.

Stick Sketch School: An Animal Artventure did not disappoint!

Each two page spread includes step by step drawing tips, including the basic shapes that form the animals.  Ovals and circles form bodies and heads, while simple lines add legs, feet, tails, and fins!  The second page of the two page spread sets a scene for your artist to complete partially done animal sketches and add their own in practice.

The whale page has a whale missing his bottom half, another missing fins, and plenty of room to add a few whales to the scene.

The book contains ten chapters of sketch ideas, from furry animals, to birds and feathered animals, even extinct animals and dangerous creatures!  Of course, the water animals was definitely a favorite part around here.

The boy definitely enjoyed the book and has been practicing a lot of animal drawings during the summer break.  I asked for a favorite example to share with this post and was rewarded with the above under the sea sketch, featuring a jellyfish, a blob fish, and a whale.  I was very impressed at how well he was able to create the animals!

We would definitely recommend the book to any young artist.  The layout and design, along with the instructions, make us feel it would be a great option for mid-elementary school and up!

Disclosure: We received our copy of Stick Sketch School Animal Artventure from Quarto Group.  All opinions (and Ben's sketches) are our own.