Make an Easy Halloween Wreath

I changed up my holiday decorations a bit this year since we are in a new house.

All my sugar skulls went towards decorating our kitchen and dining areas, and I made our living area all traditional Halloween decor.  This meant I needed a few new things (hello, $2.50 Halloween fleece throws), but I wanted to make a new wreath for the front door.

I headed to the Dollar Tree for a little inspiration and hopefully the parts I needed to make my wreath.  They did not disappoint--multiple colors of sparkle tulle, wreath forms, and the cutest door hanging that I used to decorate the wreath, all for $10!

This one took a little bit of time, but it's very very easy to create.  Want to make your own?

You'll need:
8 rolls of sparkle tulle
1 green hard styrofoam wreath form
1 pumpkin wall hanging
Fabric scissors
Hot glue

To begin, cut your tulle into 10 inch strips.  Then cut those strips in half long ways.

Fold a strip of tulle in half long ways.  Tie a square knot with as even ends as you can.

Repeat with a second strip of tulle and slide it as close as you can to the first piece.

Repeat.  And repeat.  And repeat.  This is the time consuming part.

When your wreath is full, fluff up the tulle and use scissors to even out any odd length pieces.

Remove the pumpkins and welcome sign from the string holding them together, without removing the actual loop at the top of the welcome sign.

Use hot glue to firmly attach the welcome sign to the top center of your wreath, keeping the loop for hanging.

Attach the rest of pumpkins, or as many as you want, to the body of the wreath using hot glue.

Let the glue set and hang your wreath!

Mine makes me so happy whenever I look at it that I'm feeling compelled to make one more before the Halloween goodies are packed away in the stores.