Make a Halloween Eyeball Hanging

While we were at the Dollar Tree looking for ideas for a Halloween wreath, I came across a door sign that I absolutely loved.

It was a jar, with eyeballs, and embossed glittery letters that said "I've Got My Eyes on You."  I loved the look, but I really wanted something with a little more texture to it when the idea of how to alter it a bit hit me.

You'll need:

1 eyeball jar sign, from the Dollar Tree
1 package of party favor surprises eyeball shapes (4-pack)
Hot glue

Remove the green bow from your sign and peel off any glue residue from it.  You can leave it, but I personally wanted an eyeball in the spot it was covering.

Apply hot glue to the inside edge of one of the party favor eyeballs and stick them to a flat eye area, lining up the edges to cover the colored part.

Repeat for each of the three other eyeballs.  If needed, add a thin line of glue on the outside edge, especially in areas where the added eye overlaps a risen part of the sign.

Let dry thoroughly, then hang!  Mine was not completely dry and we ended up with an eye on the floor.  A little extra glue and a little extra drying time fixed that.

I actually made myself two of these, I just need to find the perfect spot to hang them in the house!