The Emoji Movie {Review}

Have you seen The Emoji Movie yet?

I promised the kids a family movie night with popcorn and, after a crazy busy week, we finally managed to have one.  The boy has wanted to see The Emoji Movie since it was released in the theaters, so that was our pick for the weekend.

The Emoji Movie takes you to into the world inside your phone, where the emojis live and work in a city called Textopolis.  Each emoji has its own role, and is ready to be called up and scanned when needed.  Gene Meh, the lead character, is the son of two other mehs.  The problem?  Unlike most emojis, Gene has a range of emotions and can't help but show them.  When disaster strikes on his first day at work, Gene is declared a malfunction and needs to be deleted.  With the help of his friend Hi-5 and hacker emoji, Jailbreak, Gene goes on an adventure inside the phone to somehow fix himself, if he can make it happen before the bots track him down!

I will admit, I was a little leery about writing a review as many critics weren't terribly fond of the movie.  But after watching it, I was happy to discover it really is a cute movie for kids.  Gene learning to be himself is a great message.  As well, his friendships with Hi-5 and Jailbreak help illustrate the idea of friends being there to support each other.  Several of my friends have mentioned their kids enjoying it as well, and that's the most important part.  The kids enjoy it and the movie itself is light-hearted and fun.  What more could you really ask for?

This Halloween, why not carve your pumpkins as your favorite emojis?  We have the templates right here.  There's also coloring sheets of all the movie characters in the same download, perfect for a family movie night.

Disclosure: The information above, along with a copy of The Emoji Movie was provided to me for the purpose of this post.