Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center {Branson Reviews}

When we scheduled our Branson trip, we tried to plan a good variety of activities.  We scheduled shows, booked a hotel with a waterpark and indoor pool, and came up with some great family activities too.

One of those was the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center in Branson.  We thought it seemed like a perfect way to spend a day and we were thrilled to receive all-access passes for our family to try it out.

Besides the wax museum, this particular location of the Hollywood Wax museum featured several other activities, including Castle of Chaos, a 5D shooting adventure ride, Hannah's Maze of Mirrors and Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf.  Activities can be purchased separately or visitors can purchase the all access pass for all four components.

The Hollywood Wax Museum itself features life sized wax figures of all your favorite stars.  We really liked how many of the figurines were set up for pictures, including props to make your photos more fun--sunglasses for Men in Black, a Star Trek uniform, fedoras for Indiana Jones, microphones for singers, etc.  The kids had a blast posing in the different movie scenes.

After we walked through the museum (don't forget to take a picture with King Kong), we headed next door for Castle of Chaos and Hannah's Maze of Mirrors.

Castle of Chaos is a 5D shooting gallery ride.  Riders strap into chairs that move side to side and up and down.  The video game plays on the screen while you and your teammates try to save the world from either Los Banditos (Robot Cowboys) or Werewolves.  We chose the Robot Cowboy adventure and had a blast competing against each other.  Of course, one of us happens to be a soldier and wins every time we play shooting games.

From there, we decided to try Hannah's Maze of Mirrors as well.  As the story goes, Princess Hannah is the most beautiful princess in the land, but very conceited.  She is trapped in the mirrors by a witch unless someone can find her and save her.  As you navigate the maze, you meet the witch, the queen and king, and even Hannah herself.  Can you find the way out in order to save Hannah?  We did!

We had planned on also doing miniature golf at Shoot for the Stars the same day, but the weather was a bit ominous.  We were really excited when the staff told us we had two days to use our All Access Passes and immediately decided to do mini-golf the next day.

We were so glad we waited as the day was warmer and sunnier.  Shoot for the Stars features 18 holes of mini golf, with each hold a stop on your journey to be a star.  Don't forget to play the audio at each hole before putting, to follow the story along.

For more information, including hours of operation, visit the Hollywood Wax Museum website. As well, my readers can save on All-Access Passes. Receive $2.00 OFF each All Access Pass with the following coupon.

Disclosure: This post was written as part of my relationship with USFamilyGuide. My family was provided with all-access passes for the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center during our Branson vacation for the purposes of this post.