The Incredible 2 {Review & Printables}

Do you have plans for this coming weekend yet?

If you don't, or they are remotely flexible, make sure you take the time to go see the Incredibles 2!  We got the chance to see the sneak preview last week and it is everything we could have hoped for.

The Incredibles 2 picks up where the first Incredibles left off.  Superheroes are illegal and the Parr family is trying to adapt to a regular life with regular jobs and school for the kids.

An opportunity arises to pull superheroes back into the limelight and Elastigirl is the top choice for this mission.  Mr. Incredible takes on the role of Mr. Mom while Helen goes to work for a billionaire who wants to restore legality to superheroes.  In the meantime, Jack Jack is developing his powers (what they are was our pressing question) and the whole family is needed to fight a new villain.

What did we think?  The kids absolutely loved it.  The Incredibles was one of the boy's favorite movies and the sequel did not disappoint.  It's perfect for fans of the first movie, perfect for kids, perfect for families.  Dash and Violet are pretty much every set of siblings, minus the super powers, and Jack-Jack is awesome.  The role reversal of Mr. Incredible as Mr. Mom while Elastigirl is off being a hero leads to some comedic moments, and several minor characters from the first movie make appearances, namely Edna and Frozone.  We do think they might need a super dog to go with the family, maybe if there is another sequel?

Want some more printables?  We shared the coloring pages a few days ago, but we also have some other games and fun to share too.

Just click on the ones you want for a downloadable PDF, save, and print!

Let me know what you think of the movie!  The kids and I are dying for everyone to see it so we can discuss it with out friends.

Disclosure: The information above, the printables, and tickets to the preview of The Incredibles 2 were provided to me by Disney.  All opinions are my own.