Climb Aboard The Thomas and Friends Big Loader from TOMY

Thomas the Train was a huge favorite of the boy when he was a toddler and preschooler.  For several years, it was all Thomas, all the time--trains, tracks, books, movies, you name it.

That's why we were excited to check out the new Thomas and Friends Big Loader from TOMY and see what's new in the world of Thomas.  We invited our little friend Noah, age 3, over to help us find out all the details.

The Thomas and Friends Big Loader comes with three different train bodies (Thomas, Percy, and Terence) along with one motorized chassis to drive along the 8 feet of tracks.  The chassis drives from spot to spot (with only one double A battery) switching characters and loading and unloading rock pieces.

Track set up is easy, with snap together pieces.  I had Ben put it together before Noah came to play so we could make sure we knew how everything worked.  Assembly is definitely on the easier side.

While the train is moving, the chassis cycles the track, picking up each train in turn to perform its job.  Percy picks up the load at the tower and dumps it to Terence.  Terence pushes the same load up and into a receptacle, for Thomas to gather.

Thomas receives the load and takes it back up the hill to dump into the tower.  Twelve rock pieces are included for the trains, just be wary of the size if you have little ones who put things in their mouths.

What we are loving:
  • The train chassis switch is so much fun to watch as each piece, in turn, becomes motorized.
  • It's just cute.  The bigger trains are easy for little hands and it is very easy to play with.
  • The little balls of coal are perfect for counting games--how many pieces does Thomas move? Percy? How many can Terence lift?  Watching the trains utilize them is fun too.
  • The tracks work on both carpet and hard flooring surfaces.  We noticed that the train runs a little better the wood, but it still works on carpeting.  Super important for toys for us.
  • The single battery is lasting.  We did a very long practice run before Noah came to visit and we're still on the first battery.

The Thomas and Friends Big Loader is available now on Amazon, for approximately $39.99.  It would make the perfect addition to a Christmas list for the train lovers in your house too.

Disclosure: We received our Thomas and Friends Big Loader from TOMY for the purposes of this review.  All opinions and photos are our own.