Watch Ya' Mouth Game - 90s Edition {Review}

We love having family game night and are excited to be partnering with Watch Ya' Mouth again!

Last year, we had the opportunity to add Watch Ya' Mouth Game Throwdown Edition to our game collection and it provided hours of entertainment.  This year, they're back with Watch Ya' Mouth Game - 90s Edition.

This edition?  It might just be my favorite.  The cards are absolutely perfect, and as the person in my house who actually was in high school during the 90s, I might just have an advantage.  The music, the movies, the tv show references?  Totally ones I know!

Much like the original versions of Watch Ya' Mouth, the 90s Edition comes with multiple decks of cards, dishwasher-safe mouthpieces (6 adult, 4 children sizes, in various colors), and a timer.

To play, divide into teams of at least two people each.
One person is the speaker, the other(s) are the interpreters.
When the timer begins, the speaker reads as many cards as he can while wearing a mouthpiece. His teammates try to guess the phrase.
Each card is worth a point and passing on a card is not allowed.  The team with the most points after a certain number of rounds, typically four.

Watch Ya' Mouth is definitely a family favorite, especially for large gatherings.  We definitely think the 90s edition will be a holiday hit, with all the fun throwback phrases!  Check out our thoughts (and more photos) on the Throwdown Edition too.

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Disclosure: This post was written as part of my partnership with USFamilyGuide. We received a copy of Watch Ya' Mouth - 90s Edition for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.