Make Girl Scout Cookie Box Baskets

I love some of our old Girl Scout cookie box crafts and have been sitting on this idea for Girl Scout Cookie Box Baskets for awhile now.

These are very simple to make and great to dress up little thank you gifts for those who help you with your troop, host your cookie booths, to present awards, or even for cookie booth decoration.  We used this one for a leader appreciation gift swap.

What You Need:
  • Empty Girl Scout Cookie boxes
  • Scissors
  • Clear packing tape
We often flatten and save boxes from year to year, so we have plenty to craft with.

How to Make Your Own Girl Scout Cookie Box Baskets:
  • Keeping the box sealed at the bottom, cut off all four of the top flaps.
  • Carefully cut down the seams on the front of the box, about two-thirds of the way down, ending even about midway through the logo.
  • Cut towards the logo and around to make a scalloped front.
  • Cut the seams down the back, also about two-thirds down, then across to remove most of the back of the box.
  • Gently bend the sides together to make the basket handle, overlapping them slightly.
  • Using packing tape, carefully wrap around where the handle is joined to seal it.  If necessary, bend the handle into the position you want.
  • Your baskets are finished! Stuff them with your goodies and use plastic gift wrap to wrap them up.  We used products from one of our favorite local soap stores in these baskets, but you can add anything that fits!  Maybe some tea and chocolates for after cookie season?  Some fun little camping items like compasses, whistles, and an emergency rain poncho?  The possibilities are endless.

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