Doom Patrol, the Complete First Season {Review}

Do you need a new show to binge watch?

Right now, we are really enjoying Doom Patrol--a newer show from the DC Universe.  You can't go wrong with super heroes, especially crazier ones like the members of Doom Patrol.

The members of Doom Patrol are a group of misfits, each having survived a traumatic accident that has led them to have major disfigurements and super powers:
  • Robotman, formerly Cliff Steele, a Nascar driver whose brain was transplanted to a robot body after a major car accident
  • Negative Man, formerly Larry Trainor, a military pilot who crashed through negative energy and is now completely covered in bandages
  • Rita Farr, an actress from the 1950s who survived a fall into toxic liquid and now turns into a blob like form
  • Crazy Jane, who has 60-some different personalities, each with a different super power

The team has been assembled by Dr. Niles Caulder.  The Chief has the medical ability to save those on the brink of death, and has saved each of the team members in turn, allowing them to recuperate and live at Doom Manor.

When Caulder disappears, abducted by Mr. Nobody, a villain experimented on by ex-Nazis, Cyborg joins the team to launch them into action to find their leader.

We're definitely enjoying the show, especially as it's a series of superheroes we hadn't heard of before, with the exception of Cyborg.  I love the expansion of the DC universe and can't wait to finish the season.

Originally, Doom Patrol was a web series, but it's about to be available on DVD/Blu-ray on October 1st.  Perfect for enjoying with a cup of cocoa on these cooler fall nights or maybe as a Christmas stocking stuffer?

You can currently preorder Doom Patrol, Season 1, on Amazon, with the release date officially being October 1, 2019.

Disclosure: The above information and a copy of Doom Patrol, Season 1, were provided to me for the purposes of this post.  All opinions are my own.